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We focus on quality instead of quantity

At Very we focus on quality instead of quantity, and we produce our products in close collaboration with local craftsmen in a circular manner. Re-occurring customer demands in combination with our years of experience in the interior- and furniture design markets led to the birth of Very. The resulting innovative concepts by our talented designers are made into high quality products through beautiful craftsmanship.

Sander Mulder

Born in 1978, he started studying design in 1996, sparked by the creativity and ingenuity he displayed as a child.
It soon hit home; this would become his life long passion.

His successful graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, resulted in the start-up of his own design studio.
His work is a combination of strong lines, subtle details, innovative techniques and bold statements. Archetypes and their interpretation / acceptation by mankind are a never ending source of inspiration.


Toine van den Heuvel

Toine van den Heuvel about his inspiration: “My passion is technology and design. In addition, I always look for simplicity in the design. The shape directly supports the function. These aspects go hand in hand with my Design & Development approach. This creates products that add- value for the client and end-user at both a functional and aesthetic level. ”

Van den Heuvel is trained as a mechanical engineer and specialized in digital design and technical & industrial design. Based on years of engineering and management experience, he has built up his professional expertise in the field of designs, production methods and prototypes.


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